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The Park County Extension office works in cooperation with county, town and volunteer initiatives to provide community education and assistance in five main areas: Agriculture, Horticulture, Family and Consumer Science, Natural Resources and 4-H Youth Programs.

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In 4-H, members record what they have worked on during the year in a project record book and every 4-H Project  has a record book that must be turned in to the Extension Office by its designated due date. If a record book is not completed the project is not complete and the member can not enroll in that project again for at least a year. Members in animal projects who do not show at fair, have an animal who dies, or does not make weight must still complete their record book for that animal project.

Keeping accurate records is one of the most valuable skills a young person can learn in 4-H. Compiling a detailed record of what was planned, accomplished, and learned in each project is an excellent way to learn record keeping. Many find the record books to be a daunting and overwhelming task especially when they wait until the last minute to start. The key is to treat them as a journal that you work on as you go through the project, this also allows for better record keeping.

Often times record book scores determine the winners in many of the Special Contests. Money is often donated by a generous sponsor to award the top 6 Record Books a cash prize.

Record books are found on the Colorado 4-H website. There are separate e-records for animal projects and general projects.

Record book covers can be purchased through your club leaders, the Extension Office or at the 4-H Mall.

Project list

The current project list from CSU can be found at

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